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> HP begins to reckon with its own lost decade: What was it all for? The churning of bodies, the huge fees to bankers to facilitate mergers, the lack of a clear identity, the low morale, the absence of leadership or strategy. Aug. 18, 2011
> New Netflix headquarters in Los Gatos marks a new company town: As Netflix plans for a larger headquarters in its historic home, Los Gatos joins the growing ranks of company towns in Silicon Valley. July 16, 2011
> Google+ becomes new playground for valley insiders: Part of the appeal of Google+ is its exclusivity, something that’s pure catnip to early-adopter types and a bit of genius marketing by Google. July 8, 2011
> Was HP’s board overconfident about cutting ties with Mark Hurd? What’s astonishing to me is how much HP’s board underestimated the impact of changing CEOs. June 26, 2011
> Why does Wall Street hate Silicon Valley? By one of the most fundamental methods investors use to value stocks, Wall Street thinks more highly of dowdy PG&E than it does of mighty Apple. June 16, 2011
> Apple’s path to the app store wasn’t a straight road: The App Store we know today wasn’t the one Apple originally planned. June 3, 2011
> Time for reality check on the return of IPOs: Outside Silicon Valley, IPO experts have a sobering message: The IPO drought is far from over. In fact, it may never end. May 13, 2011
> San Francisco’s deal with Twitter sends city down slippery slope of tax breaks: The city offers a cautionary tale to any other cities considering the wisdom of such incentives. May 9, 2011
> In an era of cheap startups, Color is thinking big: By raising so much money so early, Color seemed to be challenging the conventional wisdom in Silicon Valley, which emerged following the dot-com bust, that companies are supposed to start cheap and keep costs low. March 31, 2011
> Search undergoing biggest disruption since the dawn of Google: The accelerated pace of these changes to search is a reason that companies like Microsoft are pouring millions into their own search engines, and that venture capitalists are funding dozens of search-related startups. March 13, 2011
> Apple’s selling gadgets like the iPad on price as much as on features: The company known for premium prices has very quietly been driving down the price of its products. March 1, 2011
> How state and local government layoffs threaten the economy: The largest source of job loss continues to be city, county and state government. And there’s no end to the cuts in sight. Nov. 21, 2010
> Get ready for the decade of gamification: The popularity of video games and the explosion of social networking are intersecting to redefine how we will experience the Web over the next decade. Oct. 24, 2010
> Why cell phones may be more dangerous than we think: Nobody knows for sure whether cell phones are a health hazard. And that has surprised me. Oct. 9, 2010
> Looking past the Texas oil company stereotype in Prop 23 fight: Just who are the “evil oil companies” invading California? Oct. 3, 2010
> The mysterious circumstances of Hurd’s departure: After listening to the vague explanations of why Mark Hurd resigned, I’m still left wondering: Did he really have to go? Or did Hewlett-Packard’s board panic? Aug. 6, 2010
> Start-ups still don’t know the way to San Jose: San Jose may call itself the Capital of Silicon Valley, but that’s not the case when it comes to attracting startups. May 21, 2010
> How Ron Conway became the valley’s most influential start-up investor: That he has reached this rarefied position is even more amazing considering how far he fell after the dot-com bust left his investments and reputation in tatters. April 24, 2010
> Lessons from Hewlett-Packard’s massive job cuts: This column began when I tried to find the answer to what I thought would be a simple question: How many job cuts has Hewlett-Packard had over the past decade? The answer shocked me: 75,505. Feb. 13, 2010


>SERIES: Rich Man, Poor Company: Which executives made the most money running the worst companies? Dec. 8-10, 2002
>SERIES: Five Years After the Dot-Com Bubble: How as the Valley changed since the mania ended? March 6, 2005
>A Tale Of Two Valley: The growing economic gap in Silicon Valley. Jan. 30, 2005
>More Mergers Ahead: Why acquisitions are the new IPO. Nov. 14, 2005
>State Controller Steve Westly Defends IPO Profits As eBay Executive: An investigation of the gubernatorial candidates trading records indicates he made millions from practice since banned. October 25, 2005.
>A Company Flops, An Idea Lives On: What the failure of chip-maker Transmeta says about innovation in Silicon Valley. Jan. 16, 2005.
>Firms Saving Instead Of Hiring: Why an economic rebound had not translated into more jobs. April 11, 2005
>Time Trials


>Docu-Drama: HP Layoffs By the Numbers
>SiliconBeat: The Curious Case of Marc Andreessen

The Next Newsroom Project


>How Can We ‘Gamify’ the News Experience? Jan. 19, 2011
>What Can Virtual Goods Teach Us About Paying for News? Feb. 8, 2010
>Future of Local News About More Than Paid Content Aug. 13, 2009
>Where’s the Innovation in Business Models? March 13, 2008

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The News & Observer (March 1992-July 1999)


>Wired Magazine: The Prisoner of Gary Kremen started but ended up with chump change. Then he got caught up in, where success left him lying on his back in the gutter. August 2003

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